LinkedIn launches new insights tool for marketers

LinkedIn has announced that it is rolling out a new tool to marketers to allow them to gain greater insights into the people who are interacting with their brand online.

To be known as Website Demographics, the new analytics tool will be accessed under a new tab at the top of the Campaign Manager feature, the Drum reports.

Marketers will be able to use it to find out what types of people are interacting with their LinkedIn posts, filtering this data by their location, job title, industry, seniority, which company they work for and how big it is.

In a blog post, LinkedIn explained that having access to this information could help marketers to adapt their strategies so they are more likely to target their preferred audience, while it may also make them aware of new sections of their audience that they did not previously know about.

"With these insights, you can craft new marketing content designed to better resonate with that audience," LinkedIn stated.

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