IAB UK’s response to Ofcom’s ‘Less Healthy Food & Drink’ consultation

Posted on Wednesday 26 April 2023 | IAB UK

Find out more about the consultation and download our full response

In 2022, the Health and Care Act introduced new restrictions for online advertising of less healthy food and drink (LHFD) products. The restrictions will come into force in 2025 and the Act gives Ofcom overall responsibility for regulating online advertising for LHFD products. However, it also gives Ofcom the power to designate a co-regulator.

Ofcom opened a two month industry consultation in February, proposing that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is designated as co-regulator, with day-to-day responsibility for regulating online LHFD ads. In our response, which you can download in full below, we state our full support for this approach. 

Please note: LHFD products are a subset of high fat, sat and sugar (HFSS)  advertising. The online ad ban referenced above will only apply to products defined as LHFD in legislation. HFSS advertising that is not caught by the ban will remain within the existing CAP/ASA remit and rules that cover HFSS ads.

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