IAB UK's response to ISBA's 'Supply Chain' study

Posted on: Wednesday 06 May 2020 | Jon Mew - CEO, IAB UK

Jon Mew, IAB UK's CEO, comments on ISBA and PwC's Supply Chain Transparency study

Transparency in digital advertising’s supply chain is critical to its sustainable future - reflected by the widespread adoption and endorsement of shared industry standards such as IAB UK’s Gold Standard, Transparency FAQs, Tech Lab’s sellers.json and more.

We thank our supply-side members who voluntarily took part in ISBA’s study; a clear demonstration of their commitment to delivering transparency within the supply chain. Digital advertising - and particularly programmatic - is complex and relies on many companies to play a part in ensuring it works for publishers, advertisers and consumers. However, it is not a dark art and we shouldn’t lose sight of the crucial role programmatic plays in supporting our ad-funded, open web. The money invested in ad tech companies improves the overall effectiveness of advertising by delivering essential functions such as brand safety controls, effective targeting and accurate measurement.

As this study acknowledges, further collaborative work is needed to build a full and robust understanding of the programmatic marketplace. We look forward to working with our members and other industry partners to shine a light on the value added at each stage of the supply chain.

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Jon Mew



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