IAB UK’s response to CMA’s market study interim report

Posted on: Wednesday 18 December 2019 | By IAB UK

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IAB UK welcomes the opportunity to respond to the CMA’s market study interim report, and the consultative approach taken to formulating future recommendations. It’s imperative that, in exploring what appropriate measures may be to increase competition in the digital advertising industry, boost transparency and tackle fraud, the CMA protects the value our ad-funded digital economy delivers to users and the UK’s position as a world leading online ad market.

The internet relies on digital advertising, underpinning business models that allow consumers to access information and services for free. It supports new business growth and has allowed for the evolution of traditional markets, particularly in the case of SMEs.

Maintaining an open, robust and diverse digital ecosystem is essential to ensuring a healthy and sustainable marketplace that retains the many benefits that digital advertising delivers to both individuals and businesses. We will be digesting the report and engaging with members over the coming weeks to submit a response to the CMA in due course.

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