IAB Tech Lab launches new industry resource, the Transparency Center

Posted on Thursday 12 August 2021 | IAB UK

The Transparency Center aims to combat fraud and enable accountability and compliance in the digital advertising supply chain

IAB Tech Lab’s Transparency Center is a new resource for metadata about the digital advertising ecosystem. Its goal is to provide a resource that makes it easy for digital advertising participants -- buyers, sellers, and ad tech companies -- to see which standards media partners have implemented, their level of compliance, certification program results, and more. This will help ensure a safe, privacy-centric ad experience for consumers.

The IAB Tech Lab Transparency Center will include the following:

  • Supply Chain Validation will now reside within the Transparency Center. It aggregates metadata about the supply chain, including ads.txt (authorised digital sellers), sellers.json, as well as other supply chain management tools
  • Global Industry Compliance Registry, which provides detailed industry compliance and certification status of supply chain partners around the world
  • Advertising System Aggregation, which identifies information about supply chain partners across different advertising systems as well as their business classification

“To improve transparency within our industry, we need a global and coordinated effort that complements how advertisers work – across different markets and continents. This is why we are providing information regarding companies that have qualified for the Gold Standard as part of Tech Lab’s Global Compliance Registry. We look forward to working with Tech Lab and the Transparency Center to build on progress to date and create a more mutually-supportive, transparent, sustainable digital ecosystem,” said Tim Elkington, Chief Digital Officer, IAB UK.

The Transparency Center is a tool to increase visibility, cross-industry collaboration and compliance within digital advertising. It will continue to evolve and grow to include more programs and resources. The Tech Lab Transparency Center launch follows the announcement of IAB Tech Lab’s Open Source Initiative, which makes all open source projects and code available in one place.

“The Transparency Center has been designed and built to provide a single source of truth that ensures a safe and reliable transaction between buyer and seller. This is the first iteration and it will continue to evolve and grow over time, and add more programs and resources to serve the entire advertising ecosystem” said Anthony Katsur, CEO, IAB Tech Lab. “Ultimately we aim to have buyers and sellers leverage the Transparency Center to ensure that they are working with responsible partners that utilise standards to combat fraud and enable privacy-compliant ad targeting in a cookie-less ecosystem.

View more information on the Transparency Center here, you can also register for IAB Tech Lab’s webinar on 25 August, introducing this new industry resource.

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