Gold Standard Certified and Registered

This page details those companies that have registered and been certified for the IAB Gold Standard.

Gold Standard Certified

The companies listed below have been certified for the Gold Standard. We launched the Gold Standard Certification programme in January 2018. The criteria that companies have to meet in order to be certified are detailed here. Once companies have been certified against the Gold Standard they are entitled to use the colour Gold Standard Certified Badge on their website and marketing materials.

Gold Standard Registered

The companies listed below have registered to participate in the Gold Standard. This means that they have submitted all the information (via this survey) we need to help them become Gold Standard Certified, including the contact details of the person who will be responsible for the Gold Standard internally and the type of company they want to be certified as. Once they have registered for the Gold Standard they have six months to provide evidence to the IAB that they have complied with the necessary obligations to be Gold Standard Certified. Being registered for the Gold Standard entitles companies to use the black and white Gold Standard Registered Badge on their website and marketing materials.



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