GoCompare launches automated energy switching tool

Posted on: Monday 15 January 2018

Weflip will transfer customers to alternative providers when savings are detected by GoCompare's Energylinx platform.

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Energy customers have become aware in recent years that they should be switching energy providers to get the best deal, but it can be a time consuming process that leaves many failing to do it.

Now, price comparison site GoCompare is launching a new tool, which will automatically move customers across to the best deal.

Weflip will use data from the website’s own Energylinx platform to trigger a transfer to an alternative provider if savings can be made.

If the process proves to be a success in the energy market, there is a good chance it will be replicated in areas such as home phone and broadband.

Matthew Crummack, chief executive officer of GoCompare.com group said: "We are excited by the launch of Weflip as our first proposition focused on our 'Savings as a Service' strategy. 
“Though it will take time to fully develop traction in the switching market, we believe Weflip is a hugely powerful tool and will be very appealing to customers."

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