Global: “Digital audio is set to become a far bigger part of our lives”

Global’s IAB UK Digital Upfronts event at the Barbican Cinema in the City of London had the objective of helping its audience to plan more effective campaigns, on mobile and social channels in particular.

It was delivered via two informative sessions - one focused on the launch of its ‘social storytelling’ approach, and the second entitled ‘Mobile Moments That Matter’.

In the mobile session, Global’s Digital Audio Exchange (DAX) showcased “a load of cool new stuff that you can do with sound” – whilst pointing out that the medium is set to become an even bigger part of people’s lives.

And it revealed the launch of its ‘Listener Insight ID’ – whereby ‘post-listen’ tracking can measure the behaviour of a listener who has been exposed to an ad.

What’s more, it was suggested that digital audio is the best way of consuming content while remaining mobile, with some 92% of listening done while partaking in another activity.

Digital audio was therefore described as a ‘brilliant’ complementary channel and one which can be leveraged to deliver incremental reach, in combination with other channels and formats such as out-of-home and TV.

Faye McDowall, Digital Strategist, compared 3D digital audio to virtual reality and pointed out that while both are ‘immersive’ formats, digital audio is readily accessible ‘right now’, and can be used on mobile. 

“It’s about delivering emotional and personal messaging at moments that matter,” she said.

Meanwhile, Bradd Tipler, Global’s Digital Media Manager, described how numerous variables can be built into campaigns, with templates altered according to factors such as device type, the weather, location and time of day. 

“Location is brilliant at providing context,” urged Ryan Rummery, Head of DAX, Digital and Mobile sales. 

When outlining its approach to social storytelling, Global stressed the importance of ensuring that audiences actually care about the content – as opposed to focusing on reach to the extent that engagement becomes secondary. 

Indeed, it revealed that research from Kantar suggests that some four out of ten Brits actively ignore brands on social. 

Pointing to its ‘super high engagement rates’, and its range of ‘bespoke content built in house by passionate team of creators’, Global outlined its approach as being to leverage data, while encouraging interaction and keeping the client message front and centre at all times.

The speakers also stressed the importance of evolving the narrative, and building content mid-campaign: “It’s about creating new stuff while the campaign is still live,” they said. “It’s about creating a story that connects … and it has to be unique, funny, emotional, or super-relevant.”

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