Getty Images using AI to provide enhanced solutions to creatives

Stock image provider Getty Images has announced a new partnership with an AI platform to offer enhanced visual content recommendations to creatives.

Getty Images is teaming up with artificial intelligence (AI) platform Cortex to provide digital creatives with better image recommendations for their social media content.

Speaking to The Drum, Said Brennan White, chief executive of Cortex, explained: "The main problem that our customers were facing was they had to try to supply content for that insatiable need, for a kind of desire or appetite, for today's audiences."

Since the partnership was launched last month, however, creatives have been able to take advantage of the AI technology to find images that better suit their requirements, searching for visuals that match the colour schemes and keywords they want to be using.

By working with Cortex, Getty is enabling creatives to more effectively predict which images are likely to perform best when added to their social content, with more than 33,000 brands already trying out the enhanced search function.

According to initial results, creatives using the new tool have been typically outperforming their industry benchmarks by an average of 300 per cent, demonstrating the power that AI could have for improving visual content in the future.


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