GARM & Ad Net Zero announce global framework to track media’s carbon emissions

Posted on Wednesday 19 June 2024 | IAB UK

The Global Media Sustainability Framework is the first in a series of voluntary industry standards intended to support consistent and comparable measurement of greenhouse gas emissions

The Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) and Ad Net Zero have collaborated to produce the first iteration of its Global Media Sustainability Framework, designed to help advertises and their partners better understand their carbon footprint and how to reduce it.

The voluntary framework was unveiled at the Cannes Lions Festival 2024 and works to improve the tracking of emissions from digital, television and OOH channels, with audio, print and cinema to follow.

Commenting on the framework, Sebastian Munden, Chair of Ad Net Zero said: “Today’s release of standard calculations for the carbon footprint of major media channels is a significant milestone for Ad Net Zero and the global ad industry. They are the starting point for creating a common currency for global voluntary adoption: a base for calculating reduction and accelerating progress.

“Concerted efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of media should go hand in hand with the efforts to support more sustainable choices to change the way we work and change the work we make. The ad industry has the business opportunity of a generation to be part of the solution.”

The work has been consulted and assessed for consistency with best carbon accounting practices by industry leaders, including representatives from IAB Europe, IAB Tech Lab, Google, News UK, and Mail Metro Media.

Download the full framework here.

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