Financial Times content to show on Santander ads

This new partnership will unlock the "full potential of DOOH".

Santander digital displays will now also show Financial Times headlines, thanks to a partnership developed by digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising company Outdoor Plus.

The top-third of these displays will pull real-time headlines from the newspaper's website, a move which is expected to benefit both Santander and the Financial Times.

This creative partnership will be visible on six screens across London, including the City of London Gateway, Canary Wharf Curve, the CEO’s Choice Euston, Vauxhall and the Eye at Holborn.

Sales director at Outdoor Plus Grant Branfoot said: "This moves the conversation on from real time marketing to right time marketing. Bringing three brands together like this to deliver of the moment communication highlights the full potential of DOOH, bringing relevant news to City commuters when they want it most."

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