Facebook testing takeaway ordering service

Facebook is continuing in its aim to become the go-to site for as many consumer needs as possible by providing a new food ordering feature to users.

Facebook is making another step in its aim to become a 'one-stop shop' for as many of its users' needs as possible by testing a new takeaway ordering feature.

The social media platform is rolling out a new 'order food' function to both web and mobile users of the site, which is recognised by a blue and white hamburger icon.

By clicking on this, consumers will be taken directly to the Delivery.com or Slice webpages, from where they can place an order for food to be delivered from a takeaway restaurant of their choice.

Users can browse menus, edit their orders and even suggest a tip before paying for their food within Facebook itself.

This move is the latest from Facebook to encourage users to spend more time on its site rather than leaving for other webpages. Earlier this month, it was revealed that the platform is set to begin rolling out TV-like programmes to rival services such as Netflix, while the addition of a food ordering service will provide a new competitor to the increasingly popular Deliveroo.

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