Facebook set to roll out 'TV-like' programming

Posted on: Sunday 07 May 2017

Facebook is set to begin showing TV-style programmes on the platform next month.

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Facebook has revealed that it has plans to start rolling out TV-like programmes on the social media platform from June.

Business Insider reports that Facebook's initial offering is expected to include a combination of big-budget TV-like programmes and series of clips lasting five to ten minutes that would refresh with new installments every 24 hours.

This would create a brand new way for people to watch shows, making it harder for people to binge-watch programmes, instead making them return to the site every day for a brand new installment. It will also create a new rival to services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook chairman and co-founder, explained during a recent earnings call with investors: "The goal is going to be creating some anchor content initially that helps people learn that going to the video tab - that that's a great destination."

He added that the long-term aim is to create a revenue share model so that specific video content does not have to be paid for.

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