Facebook Marketplace introduces AI technology

Facebook Marketplace is celebrating its second birthday with the addition of AI tools to improve the user experience for buyers and sellers.

Two years after it was launched, Facebook is adding AI tools to its Marketplace feature in order to improve the customer experience.

For sellers, this means categories being automatically selected when an item is uploaded for sale and price recommendations based on similar products being put forward.

Testing is also underway on a camera feature, which could eventually mean potential buyers could take a photo of an entire space and receive suggestions on what to buy from its layout.

Deborah Liu, VP of Marketplace at Facebook, wrote in a blog post: “We believe AI can fundamentally change the way people shop, and are excited about the potential opportunities and value it can bring to buyers and sellers.”

She added that AI is already making it easier to personalise the buying and selling process, with a number of things going on behind the scenes.

Users will also find that Facebook Marketplace has added buyer and seller ratings to help ease the transaction process between the two parties.

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