Europe agrees new data protection rules

After almost four years of negotiations, the European institutions reached an informal agreement on updated data protection rules for Europe on 15 December. 

The new piece of legislation – the General Data Protection Regulation – now has to overcome some final procedural hurdles before formal adoption. The new regime will undoubtedly bring change. As such, the IAB will be developing guidance to help support digital advertising businesses when implementing the new rules. 

The IAB's Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Yves Schwarzbart said:

“Europe’s new rules will be the biggest change in data protection in 20 years. However, the IAB believes that they miss the opportunity to create a framework for the 21st century digital world. They will not come into force until early 2018 and are likely to have a significant impact upon digital advertising. During this period the IAB will be helping organisations to meet their obligations."


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