Domino's claims it's 'better than a Sunday roast' in new digital campaign

Domino's Pizza has launched a bold new campaign in which the brand claims to be a better option than nights out and Sunday roasts.

'The Official Food of Everything' is what Domino's Pizza is claiming to be in a bold new digital campaign.

In its new adverts, which will be broadcast on TV, as well as across social medial channels, - including dating app Tinder - via Spotify and on the radio, the fast-food brand depicts itself as the best option in a variety of different scenarios.

Six ads show Domino's Pizza improving situations from a family Sunday roast to a lively night out and a cosy night in.

Alongside targeting a young audience via apps like Tinder and Spotify, Domino's is also hoping to broaden its appeal to new consumers, such as parents who can't always be bothered to cook a Sunday roast.

Sarah Treliving, managing director of Arena Media, which planned and bought the new campaign, explained that the concept was to "showcase the brand to consumers in a visually impressive yet relaxed environment".

Tony Holdway, sales and marketing director of Domino's, added that it "shows what Domino's and pizza is all about in our customers’ lives".

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