Data Protection & Digital Information Bill introduced to Parliament

Posted on: Tuesday 19 July 2022 | IAB UK

The Bill includes measures to remove the need for cookie consent pop-ups for “low risk activities, such as audience measurement"

As previously announced, the Bill includes measures to amend the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), including cutting down on ‘user consent’ cookie pop-ups and banners that people encounter when browsing the internet.

The Bill, which has now been introduced to Parliament, aims to “remove the need for cookie banner pop-ups for low risk activities, such as audience measurement, so it’s easier for businesses to use information to improve their services.” It will also “pave the way for the removal of irritating banners for other types of cookies when browser-based or similar solutions are sufficiently developed.” 

Commenting on the news, Christie Dennehy-Neil, IAB UK’s Head of Policy & Regulatory Affairs, explains: “We maintain that, in principle, risk-based measures that aim to improve people’s online experience while enabling them to maintain control over their data are positive, but changes in this area aren’t straightforward and will need to be developed carefully and with proper industry involvement. 

“Changes also need to factor in the separate but related requirements of the UK GPDR, including consent requirements, that will continue to apply to the processing of personal data that may occur alongside the use of cookies and other similar technologies. It’s crucial that any alternative   ‘opt-out’ mechanisms for controlling cookies don’t undermine the ad-funded business model that keeps our access to the internet free, and that any competition implications of centralised privacy controls are fully explored and taken into account.”

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