Cannes Lions allies with Fiverr for real-time digital campaign

Cannes Lions is partnering with Fiverr to run a real-time digital campaign that allows Cannes attendees to stop by and see the work being created.

Cannes Lions is partnering with Fiverr on an innovative real-time digital campaign that will highlight new modes of working for freelance marketing professionals.

The campaign will centre on The Work, a digital platform that allows users to browse an archive of Cannes-submitted creative work from 2001 to the present day. Fiverr freelancers will be brought in to put this campaign together over the course of the festival.

In total, six vetted Fiverr Pro freelancers will be situated at an on-site studio, working alongside a remote copywriter to develop promotional material for The Work. Attendees will be able to visit the studio, with an overhead monitor showing the work come together.

For Cannes Lions, this partnership will help to promote The Work and provide campaign materials that will be used over the next 12 months and promoted across all of its media channels.

Fiverr, meanwhile, will be able to highlight the benefits of the curated Fiverr Pro programme, while demonstrating a new approach to employing freelancers for creative campaign work.

Chris Lane, global head of brand at Fiverr, said: "No-one's ever done something like this. The beginning of this story is how we could showcase that value proposition. The best way to showcase is to show it is to show people the kind of talent that's available."

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