Buzzfeed combines digital trends to launch first smart appliance

Buzzfeed is launching a smart cooking appliance, reflecting its audience's interests in food and technology to widen its scope.

Buzzfeed has announced the launch of its first smart appliance, the Tasty One Top, which has been developed by its subsidiary Tasty.

Food and technology are two of the categories that generate the most interest among Buzzfeed's readers, which the content provider has recognised and decided to reflect in its first smart home appliance, allowing the brand to widen its scope.

The Tasty One Top is a Bluetooth-enabled device that can fit onto a hob. Consumers can download an accompanying app that currently features almost 1,700 video recipes that they can cook themselves via the smart device, sharing their efforts with others via the inbuilt technology.

Ashley McCollum, general manager of Tasty, commented: "The Tasty One Top and app demonstrates our commitment to the intersection of content and technology."

She added that the device is designed to make cooking "more accessible, social and fun", thanks to recipes being reimagined as a "visual, shareable and interactive medium".

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