Stash Bee

In 2018, we crowdfunded on Seedrs, beating our target in a matter of days. Since then, we’ve put those funds to work and have been busy growing Stashbee and developing our world-class website. We have now onboarded over 820,000 square feet of leasable space onto Stashbee. In terms of square footage, that makes us the 8th largest storage provider in the UK.

In many areas, space has never been at such a premium, and we live in an era where people have more belongings than ever before. Stashbee is on a mission to make  finding and booking storage space easy, convenient and affordable for everyone, everywhere. 

That’s why we’re building the UK’s leading platform for storage space.
Our easy-to-use platform connects individuals and businesses who have spare space (garages & lock-ups, spare rooms, parking spaces, warehouses and self-storage facilities) with those who need it for storage, long-term parking and warehousing. 
It’s one place for all your storage needs!

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