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What is ShowHeroes?

ShowHeroes enables web- and app publishers to offer professional, highly relevant, unique video content across all screens (mobile & desktop) to their users (consumers). This leads to more video views, increased user loyalty and engagement – and more revenues: Because at the same time, online advertisers (brands) benefit from this frictionless video experience, as ShowHeroes integrations across premium websites offer a way of reaching new consumers for their marketing and communication efforts, in a safe environment for their brands and with sustainable, reliable results. 

What makes the ShowHeroes solution so special? 

ShowHeroes is Europe’s leading, independent provider of video solutions for digital publishers and advertisers. Its proprietary video platform consists of a library of thousands of unique video content clips, efficient video asset and playlist management, a sleek and modern video player, as well as cutting edge video advertising technology and in-depth reporting tools for both – publishers and advertisers. The center of this ecosystem is the ShowHeroes semantic matching engine: It ensures a smooth video experience by delivering matching video content and ads across all connected sites and apps.

About ShowHeroes
ShowHeroes was founded by llhan Zengin, Mario Tiedemann and Dennis Kirschner in 2016, and operates across 15 international office locations, including Berlin, Hamburg, Riga, Moscow, Amsterdam, Vienna, Paris, London, Milan, Florence, Madrid and Tel Aviv. The company employs 200 team members.

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