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Ozone powers the premium web. Created by four of the UK's leading publishers, today this digital advertising alliance consists of more than 250 editorially-governed, news and lifestyle domains.

Thanks to our proprietary tech and unrivalled first-party data, we enable brands to reach audiences in trusted, data compliant, premium environments from a single buying point. Offering a more direct alternative to buying quality audiences at scale, Ozone also represents a more sustainable and brand safe way to deliver scaled audience solutions in comparison to the open web.

Ozone's unique and actionable cross-publisher data view provides advertisers with the scale, targeting and convenience of the big tech platforms combined with the quality, safety and transparency of quality publishers.

Ozone was launched in 2018, and as a historic and unprecedented collaboration between UK publishers, we are bringing advertisers closer to publishers to maximise the impact of their marketing budgets.

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