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LoopMe is a technology company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve brand advertising performance and outcomes. LoopMe was the first to apply AI to brand advertising and its Intelligent Marketplace, finding solutions to industry challenges that haven’t previously been solved. With consumer insights and AI at its core, LoopMe makes brand advertising better, outperforming industry benchmarks for leading global brands.

Our patented AI-technology PurchaseLoop, measures and optimizes consumer sentiment and builds audiences in real-time, creating a perfect feedback loop to improve advertising performance and outcomes for brands and agencies. LoopMe puts the consumer at the heart of every campaign, using our AI to make the mid-funnel (awareness, consideration, purchase intent) more measurable and optimisable.

LoopMe’s AI-powered Intelligent Marketplace drives more effective supply and demand connections, rooted in programmatic delivery and ensures a more effective outcome for bids to be matched. LoopMe’s standalone measurement and audience data targeting solutions enable clients to leverage insights and target more effectively across mobile, programmatic and CTV.  

Our vision is to change advertising for the better, by building technology that will redefine brand advertising.

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