Iponweb have completed our Transparency FAQS, which you can view here. Increased transparency in the digital advertising supply chain is important as this makes it easier for buyers to understand where value is added and in turn reward those companies that add most value. Find out more here

IPONWEB is an industry pioneer and world leader in the engineering and operation of highly customised, real-time media trading systems for publishers, advertisers, agencies and innovative technology companies. With more than 15 years’ experience driving innovation in the ad exchange and real-time technology space, IPONWEB is the provider that many of the world’s leading industry players rely on to successfully power their media and data businesses. BidSwitch, engineered by IPONWEB, is a neutral, infrastructure network to intelligently route and shape optimised bidstreams for buyers and sellers and helps programmatic media traders overcome increasing marketplace complexity by providing partners an efficient and transparent way to manage access to supply and demand at global scale.

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