Launched in July 2016, inploi is a jobs network for the hospitality industry. Whether for a short-term gig, a part-time role, or a full-time career, the inploi platform enables a network of employers and job seekers to seamlessly communicate, interact and transact.

inploi gives employees greater control over their working lives. Job seekers are able to access a catalogue of open shifts and positions, filtered by their own working preferences - when they want to work, what type of work they want to do, and how far they are able to travel. Employers can post jobs, and then hire, pay and review intelligently (algorithmically) matched candidates.

inploi redefines the recruitment process, providing users with a platform on which to build a new way of working. Use inChat, our in-app chat function, to interact; receive instant cashless payment for short-term roles; review employers and be reviewed on your performance; and take advantage of easy access to training opportunities. inploi is the professional network for the service economy: your profile becomes your virtual resume and working passport.

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