Frescobol Carioca

Frescobol Carioca is a luxury mens swimwear company inspired by Rio de Janeiro.

Rio is the meeting place of the tropical Atlantic Ocean, the Sugarloaf Mountain, and the lush Amazon rainforest, a city that has developed around the curves of white sand beaches. It is the refinement of grand hotels with old-world glamour, and the raw sensuality and adrenalin of the favelas. It runs on the paradoxical combination of elegance, effortless cool, and enthusiasm native to its inimitable residents: the cariocas. Very often the city seems composed of the harmonious pairing of opposites. Enveloped by the brilliant heat and the salty air, it makes anything seem possible. In this dreamy paradise life enfolds to the enchanting rhythm of bossa nova. Because above all else Rio is rhythm, from the beat of that bossa to the regular smack of ball hitting bat that resounds across the city’s beaches thanks to legions of frescobol players.

Our brand was born in honour of this sport and the culture it represents. Frescobol Carioca is the embodiment of Rio, from our signature prints, reminiscent of the mosaic pathways of the calçadão, to our expertly hand-crafted frescobol bats. Live like a carioca, wherever you are.

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