Ethical Superstore has been at the forefront of ethical shopping in the UK for over 10 yearsand is the leading online retailer in the UK market.  Our objectives are to empower consumers to support alternative brands, that promote concerns like fair trade, organic farming, sustainability and the preservation of Earth’s natural resources. We want to make ethical consumerism mainstream, a natural way of shopping in every sense of the word!

Feel-Good Choices

We have the widest range of global and UK sourced products for a natural and sustainable lifestyle.  As the front runner of ethical shopping in the UK and Republic of Ireland, has over 5,000 products available from everyday grocery and household cleaning items to the very best in cruelty-free beauty products, eco Fashion and Homeware.  Feel-good shopping has never been easier! 

Buy what you believe

Our ethical shopping guides mean there is something for everyone.  Products are grouped, not only by standard product categories but each is also tagged with particular credentials or product features; from country of origin to certification of fair-trade or organic farming, it’s easy to find what you want based on your values and beliefs.

Exposing the Very Best Ethical Brands

We recognise the strength of the ethical shopping market, not just for the benefit of consumers but also for those attempting to enter the market as entrepreneurs with a new product idea or an innovative take on old favourites. tries it’s very best to support new ethical brands and exposing the newcomers to this fast-growing alternative retail arena.


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