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Private by design segmentation.

Covatic’s ID-less, privacy-first technology enables publishers and brands to understand their customers’ daily routines and serve personalised, targeted advertisements, content and notifications—targeting not just a profile but also the real-world context in which the message is received.

We can segment by most classifications on the IAB taxonomy. But our real value add is the insight we provide into real-world behaviour. For example, we can help brands understand when someone is likely to visit any supermarket. We can send a notification—such as a promotion—before, or when, they arrive. We can identify a segment of students, regular golfers, commuters, motorcyclists, fitness fanatics and more—all by using phone sensor data and without third-party tracking.  

Understanding, segmenting and targeting online audiences is critical to today’s advertising economy. But regulatory change, and the strategies of key industry players such as Apple and Google, will prove disruptive and will require many companies to adopt new ways of working.

At Covatic, we have long been passionate about our privacy first approach. For today’s clients, it means we can offer solutions that are viable and sustainable in this new world. Our AI and all the ‘smart stuff’ lives on the customer’s phone, set top box or other connected device and so too does all of their personal data—and it never leaves! We never harvest personal data, we don’t use third party tracking data and can only ever see an anonymous temporary profile—nothing linked to an individual or their specific device.

Covatic offers highly compliant, ethical and future-proofed technical solutions that are attractive to companies that want to address audiences more effectively in a fast-changing digital privacy landscape.

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