Steak has always been and still is one of Britain’s most popular dishes and no one is better placed to serve the nation than Beefeater, now serving over 12 million customers every year. Today Beefeater continues to hold a place in the British consumer’s heart, serving up great tasting quality steak yet priding itself on a wide affordable menu that has something suitable for the whole family, from succulent chicken and fish to fresh salads and indulgent puddings.

Everyone is welcome for any occasion – a filling breakfast, a big birthday celebration, a relaxed lunch or simply a quick drink – and can enjoy great British food.

Beefeater is all about affordable quality and have great value always-on offers. The Daytime Menu dishes range from just £4.99 to £9.99 before 6.30pm Monday – Saturday, with the Evening Menu offering two courses from just £11.99 after 6.30 Monday – Thursday. There’s something to fit everyone’s budget.

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