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Auto Trader Group plc is a 100% digital business having successfully completed the transition from a print title in 2013. Auto Trader sits at the heart of the UK’s vehicle buying process and operates the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace.

Auto Trader’s primary activity is to help vehicle retailers compete effectively in the marketplace in order to sell more vehicles, faster. The marketplace brings together the largest and most engaged consumer audience, with the largest pool of vehicle sellers, listing more than 400,000 cars each day. In fact over 80% of all time spent on classified sites is spent on Auto Trader. Consumer’s visit it’s marketplace to research vehicles they may be interested in and search for the exact vehicles they would like to buy on whatever device they like.

Over 17 visits and 75 searches occur on their platforms every second with nearly two thirds of site visits (65%) now conducted using mobile devices (including tablets), and over 30% now through their market-leading apps

Auto Trader has around 92% prompted brand awareness in the UK, with 80% of UK retailer forecourts advertising via the website and around 65% of UK car transactions involving cars listed on

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