AMS Media Group

AMS Media Group is a well-established, fully accredited, independent planning and buying agency with offices in London and Leeds.

We are skilled in handling every media channel, from Digital to Door Drops.

At a time when the media buying sector is awash with issues surrounding trading transparency, fake impressions and brand safety concerns, we have adopted a philosophy which breathes new meaning into our name: Actually Making Sense

The basic premise is to cut through the many layers of misleading jargon and illogical practice that exists within media. To focus on what really matters…. our clients’ objectives.

Our independence provides reassurance of planning neutrality, as we are not constrained by any pre-defined media owner commitments or resourcing limitations. Our proposition is based upon meaningful clarity, not smoke and mirrors. Simple really.

Why digital advertising works

Discover why digital advertising is effective for reaching your customers and building brands.