Amigo Loans

At Amigo Loans, why we’re here is pretty simple. We just want to give people the chance to borrow.

We believe everyone is unique, and that behind every credit score is a real person wanting to be listened to. So, we do things a little differently compared to the banks. We don’t use a number to decide if you’re good enough to borrow - we listen to where you’re at now.

So, if you’ve been told no in the past, our mission is to make borrowing possible and affordable when you need a chance to improve your life.

An old fashioned idea brought to present day life. Sadly, we can’t say we were the first - guarantor lending has been around for decades. Amigo Loans are here to keep the spirit of guarantor lending alive by choosing to trust a borrower based on their current situation, rather than their past, with the help of a guarantor.

In a nutshell, if you can comfortably afford the monthly repayments and you have someone that’s got your back, then we can back you too.

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