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118 118 Money Keeps Britain Running! Life is sometimes messy, unpredictable and surprising — that’s where we come in. We provide personalised financial solutions so that you can handle whatever lands in your path, to get back out there and get on.

Launched in 2013, we came to shake up the traditional UK financial services industry with our unsecured personal loan product. Always looking to challenge the status quo, we also recently launched the 118 118 Money Card, the first ever subscription-based credit card on the market.

We pride ourselves on giving you the tools, resources, and products you need to embrace good financial habits and help build your credit score. Our customer-centric approach has helped over 100,000*UK customers so far and has resulted in a five star Trustpilot rating.**

We are dedicated to providing better financial options today, so you can build a better future for tomorrow. From loans to credit cards, our financial solutions ensure you can handle whatever lands in your path, so you can get on with your life.

More information on loans and credit cards can be found on our dedicated pages.

*Information correct as at March 2018

**Trustpilot reviews are all from real 118 118 Money customers. These include both customers we invite to review us as well as those who choose to proactively review us.

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