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Why B2B advertisers should embrace purpose-built B2B DSPs


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While traditional DSPs excel in consumer campaigns, they can fall short in effectively reaching and engaging B2B audiences, writes AccountInsight's Toni Chumillas. However, purpose-built B2B DSPs align targeting capabilities with the strategic approach of B2B organisations, focusing on precision at the company level


With people spending 66% of their time on the open internet, i.e., outside of walled gardens, it is no surprise to see many B2B advertisers turning to display advertising to effectively communicate.

However, B2B advertisers face distinct challenges that demand specialised solutions. While traditional DSPs excel in consumer campaigns, they often fail to effectively engage B2B audiences, both in precision and scale. The mismatch between conventional DSPs and B2B campaigns is evident in audience targeting.

Usually, B2B companies start by defining the universe of accounts that best fit the solutions they sell and then identifying the personas and decision-makers within those accounts whom they need to engage. To lift brand awareness, they need to ensure they reach both the right company and the right people. For example, targeting a data segment such as "engineers" may seem logical but prove futile if you can only sell to the top 1,000 manufacturing companies or a few selected company names.

Moreover, many B2B advertisers exclusively sell to other businesses and do not offer consumer products. In such cases, casting a wide net with a broad audience simply does not yield the desired results.

As a result, the demand for B2B-specific DSPs is on the rise due to the limitations of traditional platforms. This is where specialised solutions for B2B, like AccountInsight, focus the development of technology tailored for B2B targeting, optimisation and reporting. Here's what B2B DSPs can offer:

  • B2B precision at the company level by using alternative bidstream identifiers like B2B IP ensure precise targeting of decision-makers within target organisations, minimising ad spend waste and enforcing 100% precision
  • With account-based targeting & reporting advertisers can pinpoint key decision-makers and assess campaign impact by reporting at the account level, enhancing transparency and effectiveness while offering actionable insights for marketing and sales teams
  • Campaign optimisation at the company/industry/size level with the ability to set frequency caps both at the company and audience level
  • Natively targeting of B2B firmographics, enabling advertisers to prioritise specific companies, segments or industries. This precision sets it apart from conventional methods

In essence, embracing purpose-built B2B DSPs is imperative for advertisers seeking to run display advertising as part of their go-to-market. The need to achieve scale in B2B targeting is higher than ever, and only B2B DSPs can, by design, effectively deliver volume while not compromising any of the precision and transparency.

By Toni Chumillas, CTO, Co Founder


AccountInsight is a B2B DSP and its bespoke platform is designed to enable effective B2B advertising running on non-cookie IDs. 

AccountInsight was born within GroupM (WPP), the world's largest media-buying and technology group, giving a unique advantage in understanding the B2B landscape and delivering specialized solutions.

In 2021, AccountInsight was named the "Emerging Vendor of the Year" in the B2B Marketing Awards, recognizing its innovative approach to B2B display advertising and programmatic solutions.

Today, the company is the trusted partner for 80% of the big five media agencies, top specialist B2B agencies, and leading B2B brands.

Posted on: Tuesday 2 April 2024