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The State of Sustainability in Advertising


Effectiveness Measurement Sustainability
Effectiveness Measurement Sustainability

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A new report by On Device Research shows brands that fully promote sustainability within their advertising creative see significant increases in purchase intent

The State of Sustainability study, which analysed over 1,500 studies from January 2019 until February 2023, looks at the latest UK consumer trends around sustainable living across sectors such as travel, food, clothing and energy. 

The new report also compares the performance of three different ad categories: non-sustainable campaigns; part sustainable campaigns; and full sustainable campaigns. The aim of the study was to find out if sustainable messaging improves campaign effectiveness, and, if so, what kind of strategies aid success.

Findings from the UK research include:

  • 62% of consumers admit they are worried or stressed about sustainability and 58% prefer environmentally-friendly brands
  • When it comes to focusing on advertising effectiveness, the analysis proves that campaigns with a fully sustainable message significantly increases purchase intent
  • 71% displayed a stronger positive emotional engagement with fully sustainable ads, compared with 62% for part sustainable campaigns. However, the research indicates that consumers are savvier than ever to greenwashing and therefore full authentic commitment from brands is a must
  • 65% of consumers are making more sustainable choices overall, while 55% will pay more to support sustainability. The report concludes with two case studies that demonstrate the value in getting sustainability messaging right alongside creative best practice principles attained via the On Device Research analysis

Download the full UK report

By Lisa Miles, Marketing Manager

On Device Research

On Device Research is a global brand measurement company leveraging advanced technical capabilities to measure and enhance brand effectiveness studies. As a result, we provide brands with informed, actionable and relevant insight that drives better campaign understanding and positive results across the digital advertising industry.

Posted on: Friday 26 May 2023