Digital Publishing Roadmap for Navigating the Challenges of 2020

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A new whitepaper from JustPremium on the future of publishing

JustPremium presents a comprehensive guide for boosting revenues and maintaining cash flow in a crisis. It includes interviews with publishers such as Mark Alserda of Future Publishing, survey results with multiple publishers, and viewpoints from JustPremium’s own supply and technology experts.

Download the white paper for statistical and primary source evidence on: 

  • Trends in the publishing industry before Coronavirus 

  • How publishers have handled economic hardship in the past 

  • Explanations of problems publishers are facing now and offered solutions for each 

  • How publishers can protect and grow their advertising revenue during economic uncertainty 

  • How Coronavirus will shape the future of publishing 

You can download the full white paper here.



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Posted on: Thursday 11 June 2020