Half Year Digital Adspend methodology – an update

Posted on: Wednesday 22 August 2018

We update the methodology for our half year Adspend releases, find out what's changing and why

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For 2018 we will be doing a simplified Digital Adspend report for H1, which will act as an update for the industry on the market at half year. This will be based on modelled data only, conducted by PwC, and therefore we will not be collecting submissions for the half year. We will then do the detailed, full year 2018 report as normal, which we will send submissions forms out for in Jan 2019.
Why are we doing this?

There are a few key reasons behind this decision:

  • We acknowledge that the companies submitting data are all busy and that filling in the spreadsheet can take a long time. Modelling top-line data is a good alternative to collecting submissions.

  • As the market matures, we now see very few changes in trends between half year and full year data

  • Our mission has changed from growing the industry, to building a sustainable future for it.

  • Whilst we will continue to measure the size of the industry and this remains one of our most important projects, collecting revenues once a year instead of twice frees up budget and time to focus on other areas.  

If you have any questions, please email: research@iabuk.com
Release dates:

  • H1 2018 topline figures – October 2018

  • 2018 full report – April 2019

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