RealView - full results

RealView is a groundbreaking piece of research conducted by the IAB along with research agency Firefish to understand the true  way people use devices.  As the most extensive consumer research study the  IAB has ever undertaken, RealView provides a unique view of the role devices  play in our daily lives in and out of the home.

This is the full results deck, which contains a look at the data by device, category and journey stage, as well as practical advice for advertisers. Highlights from the research include:

  • A third of people say that their smartphone is their 'lifesaver'

  • Multi-screening is not just about the TV. 51% will regularly use their smartphone whilst on their laptop

  • Show-rooming - two thirds of smartphone owners have researched a product online, then gone in-store to look at the product, and then back online to get the best price

  • 68% of young people say their smartphone is their most personal device - this has huge implications for the way that brands should communicate with consumers.


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