Mobile Ads Unite - Consumer attitudes towards mobile advertising

The IAB, working with research agency Differentology, wanted to explore mobile advertising from a consumer perspective, in order to pinpoint the ingredients for getting it right.

Given the recent trend and interest in ad blocking, we know that consumers do not like ads that are too intrusive and that interrupt what they are trying to do. We wanted to explore this further and to help make recommendations to the industry to produce ads that add to, rather than interrupt, the consumer experience.

The methodology comprises three stages: a qualitative diary task, a nationally representative survey and qualitative interviews with consumers. 

The study reveals and summarises the key do’s and don’ts for marketers to maximise campaign success in order to make the mobile experience better for consumers: 

  • Do = Keep ads simple, fun, short. Less frequent. Be creative. Be relevant.
  • Don't = Hijack or take-over the user experience. Omit x/skip button. Go straight to app store/other sites. Overload by frequency. Overload amount of data/ad size.

The research also explored six specific mobile ad formats: Standard Banner, Rich Media Banner, Pre-Roll Video, In-Read, MPU, Interstitial

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