Adidas partners with online radio station for new collection

Sportswear brand Adidas puts digital at the heart of its new collection, ‘Don’t Assume’.


The clothes manufacturer is teaming up with online radio station NTS Radio and borrowing its ‘Don’t Assume’ mantra to influence its products. These will include tracksuits, jerseys and sweatshirts all reflecting the underground music and culture championed by the station.

It’s hoped that a local community spirit will be seen in the clothes, as well as a global outlook, to epitomise the vibe of the moment. One of the pieces is to be emblazoned with the emblem of Hackney Caribbean restaurant Peppers and Spice, which is also involved in the collaboration.

To promote the new Adidas collection, NTS Radio will broadcast a number of one-off live shows, each prepared by a different artist. These include Narx, Born N Bread and Chennessy, as well as a variety of other hip hop and R‘n’B DJs.

NTS Radio has been going since 2011, when it was founded by Femi Adeyemi, and continues to be based in Hackney, serving a diverse online community.

Adidas can trace its origins back to 1924, but has only had its current name since 1949. Despite its heritage, the brand continues to evolve with the times to remain relevant to a modern audience.

Embracing digital marketing is key to this success and collaborating with partners that reach their demographic, such as NTS, shows Adidas’ ability to adapt to trends.

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