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Engage 2018: Moving Forward

Thursday 7 June

Our Engage conference helps us to celebrate digital and think about what we do in future, and how we do it better.

We’ve curated a range of unconventional views to challenge perspectives on what the digital future holds, from industry provocateur Tom Goodwin to Polly Curtis, editor-in-chief of HuffPost.

Engage 2018

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Better ROI in Digital Marketing October

Better ROI in Digital Marketing October

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for executives with responsibility for planning, monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of digital marketing investment in all sizes of organisation.

What should you expect?

The course will be highly engaging with executives invited to work through a practical planning framework that identifies clear ‘line-of-sight’ between digital marketing activities and its contribution towards strategic and financial objectives.

Attendees are invited to work on their own business scenarios using ‘real’ data and digital campaigns. Alternatively, we will provide example case studies to work with. 

Once signed up attendees will be sent questions to consider and materials to gather prior to the training.

The framework follows covers all stages of building a digital marketing plan with a focus on the delivery of better ROI on digital investment.  This will include setting meaningful digital objectives, defining strategies and tactical mixes, managing metrics and targets, and finally the role of segmentation and optimisation.  All with a consistent focus on financial return throughout the day.

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Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing Seminar

Influencer marketing is still a fairly new, shiny toy for the advertising industry. An influencers unique relationship with their fans, give brands an interesting way to reach their audience. Using a respected celebrity can be a very good way to gain trust and loyalty from consumers, it just needs to be done in the right way with the right person.

As the influencer marketing scene gets bigger, there are all sorts of questions; How do we measure it? How do we pick the right person? How do we make it subtle but effective?

This seminar will be exploring different ways brands are using influencers in their campaigns, the good/the bad and what ways there are to measure the ROI.

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Behavioural Science

Behavioural Science November 2018

This one day course will introduce delegates to the fascinating world of behavioural science. We will bring you the latest research into decision-making and demonstrate many practical examples as applied to the digital media, marketing, advertising and sales.

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for delegates with media, sales or marketing experience, and who wish to discover how the latest principles of behavioural science can be applied to influence engagement and buying behaviours of their audiences and/or customers.

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Trust seminar

Trust Seminar

This seminar, shaped by the IAB’s Industry Groups, will look at what the industry is doing to tackle the big challenges, to build trust and instil confidence.

Digital advertising has reached a tipping point. It’s now the majority of media spend in the UK…52% in fact (source: IAB / PWC Digital Adspend Study).

With this is mind, the spotlight has increasingly been shone on some of the thornier issues that exist in digital. The IAB’s mission is to ‘build a sustainable future for digital advertising’ so this seminar, shaped by the IAB’s Industry Groups, will look at what the industry is doing to tackle the big challenges, to build trust and instil confidence.

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IAB Nonference

This November we are launching a totally new kind of event. The IAB Nonference marks an important step change in the industry, firmly focussed on inclusivity, having fun with technology and allowing people to curate their own day of hands on experiences.

Because digital is all about learning through doing. Whether that’s creating a branded Lens for Snapchat or using a new skill to ask Alexa to add butter to your weekly shop. 

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing December 2018

This training course is especially designed for brands, agencies and media owners with some experience/knowledge of working with content-based campaigns. 

What Should You Expect?

  • To understand the role of content marketing within the marketing mix

  • To plan, create, execute and measure effective content marketing programmes

  • To inspire creativity in digital advertising and disseminate best practice

  • To highlight latest thinking and inform of new developments

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The Future Of...

The Future Of...

Everyone involved in the fast-paced world of digital advertising knows that the landscape is constantly changing.

It seems as soon as we get to grips with one aspect, something new appears around the corner. Each year we see fads that don’t take off and disruptors that shake up our industry.

At our ‘Future of seminar’, we will aim to look into our crystal ball and give future insights into our digital world, giving predictions for the year to come and 10 years from now..

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